Apparel company Baroque deploys Lectra Fashion PLM


Baroque Japan, a leading specialty store retailer of private-labelled apparel, has selected Lectra Fashion PLM solution. Helping the digital transformation of fashion industry, Lectra empowers brands and manufacturers from design to production. Baroque Japan Limited owns 18 brands, including Moussy, Sly, Rienda, Rodeo Crowns, Azul by Moussy, and Enfold.

As Baroque added more suppliers and production sites in foreign countries to its network, sharing information between its head office in Tokyo and teams overseas became increasingly challenging. Delays would happen because departments were waiting for information, or worse, working with the wrong information, which would result in errors and time lost to costly redos. To address the problem, Baroque tried to build a company database of product information using an office spreadsheet program, but this ultimately proved unmanageable.

Baroque wanted to connect its design, product development, and production teams on one platform. After researching more than ten PLM vendors, the company chose Lectra.

Lectra’s PLM solution allowed Baroque to standardise workflow and gave them better visibility over their process, so they could troubleshoot problems, distribute workload evenly, and eliminate redundant and menial tasks. With product information centralised in a single database, teams in different countries could collaborate more easily. Overall work efficiency improved by 10 per cent, shortening time to market by a month and supporting sales growth.

Hirofumi Yamazaki, senior managing director at Baroque said, “Lectra Fashion PLM stood out because it is designed for fashion. The software didn’t require extensive customisation to get started and it is priced within reason. Lectra presented us with many successful international case studies, so we knew the platform could be adapted to our global network.”

“We can now store product information on a single platform, and our teams can share files and technical specs easily and instantaneously. This not only facilitates a collaborative work environment, it allows our head office to track order progress in real time so they can better manage workflow,” he added.

The new system gave the company better visibility over its entire process, so it could monitor order progress; identify and address potential roadblocks to on-time delivery; distribute workload more evenly among employees; reduce unnecessary burden and waste; and eliminate redundant tasks.

The future looks bright for Baroque, which has now set its sights on conquering the US market. Part of this ambitious plan includes extending its use of Lectra Fashion PLM from 9 to all 18 of its brands. Baroque also plans to use Lectra Fashion PLM’s Line Planning module to link its planning and production development processes, in addition to integrating parts of its online shop into the platform. (GK)

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