‘Apparel industry shifting towards sustainable garments’

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The entire apparel industry is seeing a shift towards more sustainably-produced garments, said a top official from Pratibha Syntex, a leading manufacturer of garments that produces about 60 million pieces annually. He added that a lot of conscious brands are aggressively choosing sustainable materials over those that have a negative environmental impact.

“Major brands are setting targets for the future where they aim to move to sourcing of completely sustainable materials like organic cotton, BCI cotton, recycled polyester, spun-dyed viscose, etc, for their products. Such measures would help increase the share of sustainable garments in the market, though the process will take time,” Sameer Kumar Bhand, VP (sales, strategy & sustainability), Pratibha Syntex, told Fibre2Fashion in an exclusive interview.

The company believes in establishing a relationship with brands based on the aligned sustainability goals. “All the brands that we supply to have sustainability goals that are common to us. These shared goals help us establish a long-term association with buyers,” he added.

Pratibha Syntex is steadily moving towards manufacturing responsible textiles. It aims to move to 100 per cent sustainable products and processes, and for this it is striving to improve all the practices.

“We have a recycling alternative called Loop that runs on the concept of circular economy by minimising process waste and reducing and reusing the materials and water. Under our zero liquid discharge initiative, we also recycle 100 per cent of the water that we use. We end up using 93 per cent of the recycled water. We use spundyed man-made fibres to ensure minimum use of water, chemicals and energy in the process,” stated Bhand.

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