Austria’s OETI, Vegan Society join hands on vegan textiles


Testing and certification body OETI in Vienna now audits textile firms that want to obtain the V-label on behalf of the Vegan Society Austria. The first pilot project with terry product manufacturer Vossen has been a success. The V-label requires the disclosure of the full composition of the textile product and all textile auxiliaries used during processing.

The product must not contain any animal-raw materials to be eligible for a V-label certification.

As cotton towels do not equal vegan towels, the biggest challenge was to find substitute ingredients that do not contain any animal ingredients and integrate these substitutes into the production process, said Paul Mohr, managing director, marketing and Sales at Vossen.

This takes into account all production and processing steps, according to a press release from OETI. It applies, for example, to wool, leather, fur, silk, buttons made from horn or mother-of-pearl, animal-based waxes and fats as well as colourants and colourant auxiliaries.

Veganism is a global trend and we think certified Vossen vegan terry towel collection has huge global potential, Mohr said.

The market for vegan products is currently the one with the greatest opportunities for growth by far, explains Johannes Gilli, responsible for quality seals at the Vegan Society Austria.

The awarding office, the Vegan Society Austria, closely checks the product and its entire production process. It employs appropriate inspection bodies for periodic checks. The respective bodies are selected based on their existing portfolio of sustainable standards for example organic or other renowned eco standards.

OETI now regularly monitors production facilities for the V-label. Other Austrian textile producers have contacted OETI and it is expecting an increase in demand.

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