Bangladesh grows 11.72 % in denim apparel exports to USA


Denim industry in Bangladesh is up scaling its size with each passing year. This can be claimed as denim apparel export from the country jumped 11.72 per cent in its largest export market USA to reach US $ 358.73 million during January to August 2018 period. Only China and Mexico are ahead of Bangladesh in terms of denim apparel exports to USA.

According to the data released by OTEXA, Bangladesh’s export in all 4 major denim apparel categories; skirts, jackets, Men & Boys (MB) jeans and Women & Girls (WG) jeans, noted growth.

MB jeans emerged as the biggest export category with export value of US $ 199.12 million (up 15.34%), whereas WG jeans export values at US $ 147.50 million, growing by 5.76 per cent on the yearly note. Further, export of denim skirts were up by 25 per cent to clock US $ 4.46 million mark. Denim jacket segment too experienced growth of 42.35 per cent and hit US $ 7.60 million figure.

It’s worth noting here that USA denim apparel import valued at US $ 2,466.53 million in the said period and Bangladesh contributed 14.54 per cent in that. The share of China and Mexico, the major competitors of Bangladesh in denim segment, hovered around 24.33 per cent and 20.88 per cent in the period respectively.

On one hand, China fell 0.19 per cent, Mexico grew marginally by 0.48 per cent giving indication that Bangladesh has been able to capture the shift coming from these two countries in denim segment.

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