Bangladesh, Vietnam pace up their cotton trouser shipment to USA


The cotton trouser import by USA reached US $ 8,333.96 million during January to August 2018 and marked 3 per cent growth over the same period of prior year. The country imported 136.38 million dozen of trousers in the period and, needless to say, the majority of volume came from the Asian countries.

China, despite falling by 4.76 per cent, retained its top position in the export of said category to the USA with US $ 2,062.2 million worth of shipment. Bangladesh is fiercely moving to beat China as the shipment valued at US $ 1,570.85 million in the mentioned period marking a notable growth of 8.17 per cent. The growth is significant seeing the fact that Bangladesh is dependent on other countries for cotton fabric procurement.

It may be noted here that Bangladesh has already surpassed China in trouser export to the European market and holds the top position. Given the pace at which Bangladesh is moving and China is falling in this basic category, it is projected that the former will overtake the latter by the end of 2019 in the American market too.

Vietnam was not too far behind from Bangladesh in the review period as cotton trouser shipment value to USA stood at US $ 1,098.57 million. Vietnam registered 6.84 per cent surge on the yearly note in its largest export market.

Cambodia is one country which noted unprecedented growth of 23.83 per cent; the highest among top ten exporting destination. It’s a widely known fact that Cambodia is a ‘cut, make & trim’ manufacturing country and the growth somehow indicates the country is procuring cotton fabrics from USA just to convert it into a finished cotton trouser and export back to USA.

As far as India’s export in cotton trouser segment is concerned, it grew by 10.28 per cent to reach US $ 213.50 million. Though growth is notable, the export value is somehow not what is expected from a cotton traditional country. Major reason that can be attributed to comparatively lesser export value is low quantity orders. India needs to revamp its factories in order to improve efficiencies so that it can grab large volumes order from the US buyers.

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