BV Sport, Nilit support Negev Adventure


Israel-based nylon manufacturer Nilit and BV Sport, a performance activewear company, are supporting the Negev Adventure to be held later this month where five women will compete against their own past performance while running for four days in the Israeli desert. These runners have been selected from more than 300 competitors for the final race.

“BV Sport is thrilled to be providing running apparel made of Sensil Innergy to these talented and multi-faceted athletes,” said Nicolas Corona, General Manager of BV Sport. “The garments that will be worn by the runners, ambassadors and coaches have been carefully engineered for comfort and performance, allowing them to perform at their personal best and reach new heights of achievement.”

“Sensil Innergy is a technical fabric that uses far-infrared technology to gently reflect the naturally emitted thermal energy back to the body, improving the oxygenation of muscles for peak performance during athletic activity and aiding post-workout recovery,” said Pierluigi Berardi, marketing vice president for Sensil. “Sensil is strong and resilient, yet soft and comfortable. It is for people who want to feel great while they push past their limits, whether they’re running in the Negev desert or through the streets of a city.”

The finalists include Francesca Valassi from Voghera, Elisa Adorni from Parma, Federica Verdoya from Genoa, Arianna Bianchini from Tuscany and Eleonora Suizzo from San Gregorio di Catani. The adventure event developed in collaboration with the Israeli National Tourist Office has been designed for every woman, from the beginning jogger to the experienced racer seeking a bigger challenge.

“The Negev is a magnificent and extraordinary desert, an unimaginable place, carved out of Israel’s beautiful natural beauty, where every woman can find her own physical and spiritual dimension,” said Avital Kotzer Adari, director of the Israeli National Tourist Office. “It is the perfect setting for discovery and is becoming more accessible for travel thanks to an increased number of flights. Whether for outdoor pursuits like hiking, biking or camping, or for exploring archaeological sites, parks and priceless gems of nature, this is a journey not to be missed, a wonderful memory to last a lifetime.”

“Running through the valleys and scaling the heights of the breath-taking Negev desert will be the perfect finale to these months of training. As these impressive women will discover, sometimes the best view comes after the hardest climb,” Berardi added. (RR)

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