CAI’s Revised Cotton Arrivals Estimate For 2017-18 Season Lowers The Target


Cotton Association of India (CAI) has released its January 2018 estimate of the cotton crop for the year 2017-18 beginning from 1st October 2017. In its latest estimate, the CAI has estimated cotton crop for the ongoing 2017-18 crop year at 367 lakh bales of 170 kgs each. The CAI also separately released state-wise figures in which Haryana leads the north zone with 21 lakh bales, Gujarat leads the central zone with 101.8 lakh bales, Telangana leads the south zone with 52.4 lakh bales. Orissa from the eastern zone accounted for a meager 2.95 lakh bales.

The CAI has lowered its estimate of the cotton crop for the ongoing season by 8 lakh bales. The reason for this reduction is severe infestation of the cotton crop by pink bollworm. In accordance with the advice of the scientists, the farmers in several areas particularly in Maharashtra and Telangana States have uprooted their cotton crop without waiting for further pickings.

The projected Balance Sheet drawn by the CAI estimated total cotton supply for the season at 417 lakh bales of 170 kgs. each including the opening stock of 30 lakh bales at the beginning of the season and the imports which the CAI estimated at 20 lakh bales for 2017-18 crop year. The domestic consumption is estimated to be 320 lakh bales while CAI estimates exports for the season to be 55 lakh bales. The carry over stock at the end of this season on 30th September 2018 is estimated to be 42 lakh bales.

As per the data received from each cotton growing local state association, the CAI estimates cotton arrivals upto 31st January 2018 at 211 lakh bales as compared to 157.75 lakh bales arrived during the same period last season.

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