Cambodia increases min wage; labour union not happy with the hike


Cambodia has increased the monthly minimum wage for its garment and textile workers to US $ 182. The increase will be effective from January 2019.

This was announced by Ith Sam Heng, Labour Minister, in a directive on 5 October 2018.

Though there is an increase of 7 per cent in the wage, it has still caused displeasure among the labour union, because the increase in monthly wages is much less than US $ 189 which was proposed by all major trade unions.

Expressing dissatisfaction, Yang Sophorn, President, Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions, said that the minimal hike did not allow the workers to keep up with the rising prices.

The employers, on the other hand, have been constantly complaining about how difficult it is becoming for companies to stay competitive in Cambodia due to regular increase in wages.

Kaing Monika, Deputy Secretary General, Garment Manufacturers Association of Cambodia, stated that the country had now joined Vietnam in terms of high wage in Southeast Asia.

Earlier this year, the monthly minimum wages in the country had been raised to US $ 170, which was a 10 per cent jump from US $ 153 in 2017.

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