Cambodian garment factory witnesses three ‘fainting’ incidents in less than a week


Around 60 garment workers of Olive Apparel factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia again fainted yesterday. It was for the third time in less than a week that such an incident happened in the factory.

The workers, who lost their conscious, were immediately taken to a clinic for treatment and are now stated to be better.

According to Colonel Yim Saran, District Police Chief, some workers said that the incident was owing to the smell of the chemicals inside the factory.

Officials from the Centre for Alliance of Labour and Human Rights visited the workers who fell ill yesterday.

On 23rd and 25th February, nearly 90 workers (in total) had fainted because of chemical fumes, as reported by some of the factory workers.

The Labour Ministry recently highlighted in one of its reports that over 2,000 garment workers had fainted in Cambodia in 2018, which is an alarming jump of 400 from what it was in 2017.

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