David Nieper to invest in new fabric-printing facility

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Womenswear brand and manufacturer David Nieper has outlined plans to set up a new fabric-printing facility at its base in Derbyshire.

The business has secured planning permission to build the facility, which it estimates would cost about £500,000. The size and a date for the “long-term” project are to be confirmed.

It would be located on the same site as the company’s head office, garment manufacturing factories and print press in Alfreton.

David Nieper is one of the UK’s few vertical fashion businesses: it designs and manufactures daywear, lingerie and nightwear, which it sells straight to its target customer of women aged 40 or above. It currently has four factories, totalling 65,000 sq ft.

Virtually everything is done on site, from photographing the new collections to printing the catalogues.

The womenswear business said the new print facility would enable it to create “bespoke, luxury fabrics” for its collections.

“It will give us worldwide exclusivity on our prints and the ability to use the highest quality base cloth and to print ‘just in time’, which is the strength of the rest of our business,” said Christopher Nieper, managing director of the womenswear business his parents, David and Roe Nieper, founded in 1961.

Nieper added that now is the “perfect time” to set up a fabric-printing facility: “With Brexit it may become more expensive to source materials from overseas so printing our own fabrics in Derbyshire helps boost the sustainability and self -sufficiency of our business.

“It also gives us the opportunity to create more jobs and expand our skills base.”

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