Denim Première Vision to be held first time in London


Denim Première Vision is all set to open in London for the first time on December 5. The two-day exhibition will showcase S/S 20 trends and provide an opportunity to designers, retailers, fashion brands and denim lovers to come together and be inspired by new developments in the industry. The YKK London Showroom is joining the denim celebrations.

London, a capital with a history of rich creativity and strong fashion influence, is the perfect location for the exhibition. The YKK London Showroom expects Première Vision visitors at its showroom which is located close to the exhibition venue. When visiting the showroom, attendees can view the YKK London Showroom’s new collection items and see live demonstrations depicting how real industrial machines are used in the operation and production of creating garments in a factory.

YKK London Showroom will also be a part of the Denim PV online, interactive map tour on December 6, inviting exhibition visitors to the launch of YKK’s new range of denim items for direct sales where visitors will have the opportunity to see and purchase new catalogue collection items.

On display at the YKK London Showroom, there will be an exhibition of denim items including zippers and buttons, as well as various attaching machines including two industrial specialist machines used for snap and button fastening. Denim PV attendees can visit the showroom to experience a live demonstration of the attachment process with a semi-automatic and a fully automatic industrial machines.

The showroom will also display hand press machines for smaller production where visitors can meet face to face with experts to seek advice on using the attachment machines and view the wide range of YKK products.

When it comes to fastening products in the denim sector, it is all about personalisation. During the exhibition days of Denim PV, the YKK London Showroom will give visitors the opportunity to personalise gadgets by choosing their favourite finishes to complete their items.

Sabine Bourgeau, the showroom manager, explains, “YKK London Showroom is always pushing boundaries further with new specific proposals for their very demanding customers. We couldn’t see the Denim being celebrated in London without taking an active part of the celebration. After Excella, Crystal Vislon and the Snaps ranges, we are happy to reveal the YKK interpretation of Denim with machines, buttons, rivet and of course, zippers.”

The event will also see the launch of the YKK London Showroom new denim items collection.

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