Ethiopia: Foreign Investors Entering Kombolcha Industrial Park


The manufacturing sheds inside the recently inaugurated Kombolcha Industrial Park are close to be fully occupied by foreign textile and apparel manufacturers, according to Ethiopian Investment Commission.

Public Relations Directorate Director with the Commission Mekonnen Hailu said, the park which rests over 75 hectares of land currently accommodates 9 sheds designated for textile and apparel production.

The companies which entered the sheds are currently training employees both at home and abroad and are expected to kick off production in the near future,he said adding that the industrial park has various pivotal roles besides unleashing job opportunities that will further speed up the economic growth of the town.

Kombolcha town is situated in a strategic site that has reasonable proximity to the port of Djibouti and for this reason the industrial park would add extra values to the economic development of the town, he noted.

He added that the park will create job opportunities for over 20,000 citizens of the country and is hoped that the future will be bright to all business community as well as the surrounding farmers.

He said there is ample opportunity for youth in the town to learn technology and skills from high brand companies that are ready to operate their business currently.

He accentuated that means technology transfer is imminent and it is additional asset to the nation that aspires to get a middle income status.

The Director stressed that the commitment of the Ethiopian Investment Commission in transforming the nation towards industry-led economy is becoming visible.

In this regard, as he stated that Kombolcha Industrial park could provide industrialists an opportunity of acquiring a good location and modern factory accommodations.

He highlighted that Kombolcha Industrial park’s closeness to the port of Djibouti is expected to grasp the attention of several international class textile companies.

Meanwhile he emphasized that this industrial park is a well-planned park that provides sufficient land space to allow industrialists to expand factory space in the future.

He in the end stated that the park is situated at a cross-road equidistant of major Ethiopian cities that is an ideal destination to distribute manufactured products to domestic market.

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