Ethiopia lauds Chinese textile firm Antex group for strengthening its export sector


The Government of Ethiopia has applauded Chinese textile company Antex Group for its efforts to bolster the export sector of Ethiopia

The Chinese firm received accolades from the Government as well as local community members for creating nearly 1,500 jobs for the people of Ethiopia.

The company, which had initially invested US $ 10 million in this production unit, majorly exports lingerie, sportswear and casual wear from Ethiopia.

The newly opened production firm in Ethiopia is expected to make nearly US $ 50,000 million dollars from the export of its first batch of products. This was stated by Qian Anhua, Chairman, Antex Group.

Lelise Neme, CEO, Ethiopia Industrial Park Development Corporation (IPDC), said that the Government of Ethiopia and IPDC would go all way to help the Antex Group achieve all its goals.

It is important to note that the 6 Chinese-built textile and apparel industrial parks currently in Ethiopia are expected to help the country attain its yearly export target of US $ 30 billion by 2025.

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