EXCLUSIVE: 2 online retailers set to open physical stores in Scottsdale Fashion Square

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Two retailers that started out selling their products online are opening brick-and-mortar stores at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Macerich Co. (NYSE: MAC) executives said Wednesday two digitally native retail brands Morphe and UNTUCKit will enter the Phoenix market this year with stores at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Social media-driven makeup and beauty brand Morphe is set to open in April and UNTUCKit, a popular menswear brand, is scheduled to open this summer.

“As we position Scottsdale Fashion Square for continued top performance, the property consistently captures attention from a wide variety of exciting retailers that are eager to take their brands in new directions,” Michael Guerin, Macerich’s senior vice president of leasing, said in statement. “This property is globally recognized as the undisputed leader for luxury and contemporary brands in the Southwest. So it makes sense that cutting-edge digital brands like Morphe and UNTUCKit chose Scottsdale Fashion Square for their exclusive physical presence in this market.”

UNTUCKit is a New York-based company that started in 2011 selling men’s shirts online. UNTUCKit’s shirts are designed to be just the right length to look good untucked. They have grown in popularity and in 2015 the company opened its first retail store in New York. Since then UNTUCKit has expanded, opening 20 location across the U.S. last year and plans to open at least 25 more this year, said Brent Paulsen, UNTUCKit’s managing director and head of retail.

“This will be one of our larger stores. It is a little bit more than 2,000 square feet. We’ve had some success in larger store formats,” Paulsen said. “We’ve added product categories to our mix beyond the men’s shirt we are known for.”

Over the past few years UNTUCKit has introduced men’s pants and shoes as well as women’s products and a boy’s line.

“Those additional product categories are rounding out our assortment around the traditional men’s shirt we always sold well. We think there is a need for a larger retail footprint – square-footage wise – to support those other categories. We look to the future where we’ll be more of a lifestyle brand than a company that sells shirts.”

Paulsen said UNTUCKit has a good understanding of its customers since they’ve been tracking where shirts have been shipped in the past five or six years. That has helped the company figure out what markets brick-and-mortar stores will be successful.

“When we then locate a physical store in one of those markets we’ve seen an uptick,” Paulsen said. (The brick-and-mortar) business becomes healthy and profitable in a short time, as well as a lift in our online business. The two work hand in hand. We’ve found success, to date, in doing it that way.”

UNTUCKit will be located in the east wing of the Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Los Angeles-based Morphe started in 2008 and has gained popularity through social media by partnering with celebrities and social influencers. It has a few brick-and-mortar stores in California and plans to open another in Las Vegas, along with the Scottsdale location. It will be located on the third floor of mall near the Macy’s.

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