Gerber Technology launches FashionTech Platform 1.0


Gerber Technology, a leading software solution provider to the apparel industry, has launched FashionTech Platform 1.0. The new package includes software, equipment, and consulting to set-up a purchase-activated fashion model with a digitally integrated e-commerce and on-demand design to print, cut, and sew micro-factory operation.

The first FashionTech Platform 1.0 installation will be implemented in partnership with OnPoint Manufacturing Inc., a US-based manufacturer who specialises in on-demand apparel manufacturing, in Florence, Alabama, and PAAT Inc. in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Our eco-system, the expertise of our people and recent advances in our technology are enabling us to deliver value to our customers, helping them to achieve countless benefits of a demand generated micro-factory,” said Karsten Newbury, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Software, Gerber.

The new platform re-defines the just-in-time manufacturing concept with the production happening according to the demand in the market, eliminating the extra cost involved in inventory. Also, this allows the product to be sold at the retail price without any heavy clearance discounting. All this is possible with the help of OnPoint manufacturing that has expertise in digitizing process and on demand work flow.

This also includes an e-commerce virtual try-on application by Avametric, along with the other Gerber Digital tools like YuniquePLM, a cloud based product lifecycle management software; AccuMark, pattern design, grading, marker making and production planning software and AccuMark 3D. Data will be directly transmitted to the micro factory environment, AccuMark will deliver the optimised marker files to the digital printer to print. These finished printed textiles will be continuously fed to a GERBERcutter Z1 with CountourVision. Then, the combination of robotic and lean loop sewing operations will be deployed, depending upon apparel finishing requirements.

“We are continually refining our approach to mass customization and we believe adding Gerber’s full suite of software and automated cutting systems will help us to dramatically improve our speed and efficiency,” said J. Kirby Best, Chairman, OnPoint Manufacturing and PAAT.

The FashionTech Platform 1.0 announcement was made in front of industry leaders at Gerber’s 20th Annual Ideation Tech Conference.

“We are excited about this partnership with Gerber Technology and what it could bring to OnPoint and PAAT,” Christopher Taylor, Director of Marketing, OnPoint Manufacturing averred while speaking to Apparel Resources.

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