Ghana textile workers urge for strict monitoring of border


Textile, Garment and Leather Employees Union (TEGLU) have urged for strict monitoring at Aflao and other borders so as to stop the entry of pirated goods into Ghana.

The demand raised by TEGLU comes in the aftermath of the decision taken by the Ministry of Trade and Industry as well as the Ghana Revenue Authority to make the Port of Tema as the entry point for textiles.

The Ministry added that it is necessary to have only a single point for entering the textiles into the country to prevent smuggling of goods.

Abraham Koomson, General Secretary, Textile, Garment and Leather Employees Union, said that the Government had made such claims earlier too but the smuggling of goods has not been prevented.

The General Secretary added that the Government should not only ensure that the Tema Port has good arrangements to prevent the entry of pirated goods but also check other entry points as Aflao is still open.

Some traders have said that if proper measures are not put into place to check Aflao border, people will not use Port of Tema and will continue using other entry points.

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