GOTS releases monitor software tool’s new version to measure water, energy usage


The latest version of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Monitor software tool, has been launched allowing for the evaluation of water and energy during certified organic textile manufacturing.

The Version 2.0, makes it mandatory for the operators to provide information on the energy and water consumption per kg of textile output. Also, the company will have to reveal their target goals and important steps being taken to reduce the use of both the resources.

The GOTS Monitor determines actual performance and specific consumption value of the two resources. This further makes calculation and provides realistic, factory specific benchmark value that can be utilized as an achievable target value and milestone to keep check of the progress made. The achieved improvement also allows operators to compare their own performance from the global set benchmark.

Moreover, the new released version is produced using state-of-the-art tool and methods, is free of previous version bugs and incorporates the suggestions of its users. It includes new operational features, is more user-friendly, stable, portable and robust.

It has a simpler interface, uses an activation and licensing scheme that is easier to navigate, and include enhanced processing methods and tool knowledge base. The improved version gives it more accurate and extensive benchmarking methodology. The tool is free for use by the GOTS certified textile companies

The standard aims to define worldwide accepted specification that ensures the textile product of organic status, starting from harvesting of the raw materials, through manufacturing to labelling. Following under the specified specification further provides assurance to the customer of the organic status of the textile. Also, the standard helps the textile processor and manufacturers to export their organic fabrics and garments with one certification that is accepted in all major markets.

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