GTDC to brand and sell “Made in Goa” products


The Goa Tourism Development Corporation will start selling “Made in Goa” products across India both off- and online and will develop a brand for Goa-made products.

The GTDC announced that it will work to create a brand for “Made in Goa” products. The move will see handmade items from the area such as accessories and gift items made form sea shells and coconut husks for sale across the country. The GTDC is currently in talks to select merchandise partners through which to sell the goods, as reported by TNN.

“We will open the Goa brand stores across the state at GTDC properties and even work on franchisee model,” a senior GTDC officer told TNN. “We’ll also sell them online.”

Following the government’s “Make in India” initiative, the GTDC hopes to promote its traditional craftspeople.

The plan to sell Made in Goa products was discussed and approved at the GTDC board meeting, said the official. “We will do design, develop, manufacture and sale research,” he said.

Through creating a Made in Goa brand, the GTDC aims to give small businesses in the area a platform from which to sell their handmade products. Tourists will also be given confidence that the products they purchase are indeed made in the Goa area and local artisans will be exposed to a far wider customer base. Seeing tourism and crafts as linked, the GTDC will use hotels to promote the products.

“Artisans, tourism and handicrafts should go hand-in-hand to promote Goan heritage and culture,” said the officer.

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