Hong Kong Designers Take an Artsy Approach to Showing Their Styles

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HONG KONG—Traditionally, Hong Kong Fashion Week shows have been down a long catwalk surrounded by spectators interested in the latest trends.

This year, Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019 organizers decided to take a different approach and have designers display their creations in theatrical settings with a plot and theme. The stage design, props and story sequence were all orchestrated by the designers.

So, during the Jan. 14–17 run of the show, there was a bit of theater on the exhibition floor.

The show kicked off with three designers—Yeung Chin, Jane Ng and Alee Lee—taking an avant-garde look at fashion. Models moodily wandered around metal bunk beds before sitting on them or swinging from the bed posts. Musicians in costume wandered around playing the accordion and an electronic recorder.

Later in the day, Carrie Kwok, whose brand name is CAR/2IE, showed her poetic and feminine designs of floral print dresses in a garden setting with a picnic tea. Models walked out and circled wicker chairs before sitting down to drink tea with other models.

Designer Arto Wong had her models walk in front of large contemporary paintings that matched the vibrant blues, greens and reds in her debut collection.

Jason Lee took his high-end streetwear collection to a gallery setting with Chinese furniture, a large white vase and Chinese paintings.

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