Hong Kong steps up textile recycling efforts

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HONG KONG – As Hong Kong begins to take a more pro-active approach to textile waste, Redress – an NGO that promotes environmental sustainability in fashion – reports that over eighty companies from across the city took part in its ‘Get Redressed Month’.

This initiative tackles the issue of textile waste, and follows on from the opening of the first spinning mill in Hong Kong for several decades in September, which will produce recycled yarn derived from the region’s unwanted clothing.

“Across the world, every second the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned” Dr. Christina Dean – founder and chair of Redress – noted. “Here in Hong Kong we are disposing around two hundred and eighty garments per minute into Hong Kong’s overflowing landfills every single day.”

The drive also included a series of events and educational activities, which the charity says were designed to drive awareness and shift behaviours among the general public. It reports that every item of clothing it received was individually assessed and sorted in order to maximise its lifespan and minimise environmental impact.

The charity collected 9 tonnes of unwanted clothing, and says to date it has collected, sorted and re-distributed forty one tonnes of post-consumer clothing within Hong Kong.

Redress say that beneficiaries of the initiative include women at risk, migrants, the homeless, the elderly, children and babies, for the first time animals in need also. The NGO is also expanding its work with brands to find solutions to deadstock and end-of-roll fabric waste.

According to a 2018 report by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, the amount of clothes thrown away annually in the city has more than doubled in just seven years.

“We firmly believe that Hong Kongers can – and will – embrace our vision to create a truly circular economy for clothing, whilst creating real impact for communities in need right here in Hong Kong” Dean concluded.

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