India’s Eazy ERP to provide business solutions to Bangladesh RMG sector


Eazy ERP technologies Pvt. Ltd., leading provider of enterprise business solutions based in India and world’s first tally integrated ERP provider will soon be serving Bangladesh SMEs, particularly garment exporters.

Garment exporters and manufacturers of Bangladesh are competing with the best in the industry, thus it is required to rapidly respond to the changing environment. There is a need to integrate business functions into a single system efficiently utilizing information technology and sharing data with third party vendors and customers.

Eazy ERP solution help companies streamline the operations by automating the workflow of all departments of the company as well as easing data flow with accuracy and speed while keeping intact all the security checks. It is fully integrated with tally thus saving lot on costs along with the hassle free transition process.

Kunal Singhal, Managing Director, Eazy ERP Technologies Pvt. Ltd said, “The unique problem which every garment business faces is no proper management of stocks which leads into disturbed accounts. There is major issue of managing stocks as per seasons. There is need of extra management as there are many categories like brand, color, size or price etc. to be differentiated.”

He added that since all the sales are export driven so due to error in proper planning, exporters have to suffer in terms of delayed shipment. Eazy ERP solution helps resolve such challenges cost effectively further resulting in higher productivity and increased profitability.

Moreover the company has recently opened its office in Dhaka aiming to expand its reach in the country’s growing Ready Made Garment (RMG) industry. It is mainly eyeing local small and medium enterprises in garment and food industries.

Eazy ERP technologies Pvt. Ltd has over 300 customers and offices across the globe including India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Dubai, Bahrain, Kenya, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

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