Labour leaders not happy with revised gazette on min wage, say it curbs extra benefits


The recent gazette issued by the Bangladesh Government pertaining to the new minimum wage for the workers employed in the country’s readymade garment industry came in for criticism from the labour leaders who reportedly alleged that the Government has brought in some changes in conditions in new wages thereby creating scopes for the factory owners to curtail extra benefits for the workers.

The bone of contention between the labour leaders and the Government seems to be the latter’s move to bring in some changes through another gazette notification issued four days after the first one.

In the first announcement, the Government reportedly maintained that if any worker would get allowance or benefit other than wage and allowance set in the wage board, he or she would continue to enjoy the benefit under the section 2(10), 108 and 336 of the Bangladesh Labour Act 2006.

While according to the corrected version of the same as issued by the country’s labour ministry, the worker will enjoy benefit other than wage and allowance set in the wage board if it is offered in accordance with the Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006 and the Bangladesh Labour Rules, 2015.

As per labour leaders, with this provision, the Government has created scope for the factory owners to cut extra allowances and benefits of workers other than wage and allowance set in the wage board.

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