Mexican firm Capa de Ozono deploys Centric 8 PLM suite


Capa de Ozono, the Mexican fashion footwear company, has successfully implemented Centric Software’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. Centric Software provides innovative enterprise solutions to fashion, retail, footwear, outdoor, luxury, and consumer goods companies to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.

Seeking ways to reduce time to market, develop a more robust product development process, and centralise product information, Capa de Ozono began looking for a PLM solution several years ago. As an affordable fashion footwear brand, Capa de Ozono needed a solution that would boost their ability to keep up with the demands of a fast fashion world, Centric said.

Capa de Ozono selected Centric Software’s Centric 8 PLM solution in September 2017, citing Centric’s footwear expertise, the solution’s flexibility and additional features that enable Centric PLM to completely cover the entire product lifecycle. Capa de Ozono’s PLM implementation project was completed within budget and on schedule in just 10 months. The company is now live on Centric 8 PLM and running their entire product development process on the system.

With Centric PLM in place, Capa de Ozono has a firm foundation for integrating existing processes and systems. Centric 8 will be integrated with the company’s in-house ERP system, and Capa de Ozono decided to standardise their design software to Adobe Illustrator so designers could enjoy Centric’s Adobe Connect capability.

A group of manufacturing suppliers will collaborate with Capa de Ozono using Centric PLM to share technical information and improve the quoting process, and the company is already expanding the use of Centric’s Calendar module to enhance specific quality control measures for footwear. Production departments are now able to use information generated by the design and development departments to validate products in advance, assess the feasibility of manufacturing new products, and improve product quality.

“Now we have a vision of a centralised collection of both imported and domestically-manufactured products. The administration of different departments is no longer isolated and we are able to plan activities based on established calendars,” Luis Hernández, chief operating officer at Capa de Ozono said.

“We are very pleased to announce that Capa de Ozono, Centric Software’s first footwear partner in Latin America, has successfully implemented Centric PLM and is now live. Capa de Ozono has exciting plans for integration and extension of our solution and we are looking forward to working with the Capa de Ozono team as they find more innovative ways to benefit from the power of Centric PLM,” Chris Groves, president and CEO of Centric Software said.

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