How Myntra has redefined fashion retail with its Rapid technology project


In every industry, the product might be the star, but the customer is always king. The contemporary Indian customer is hard to please. He is technologically advanced, connected over social media, and has progressively evolving expectations from fashion brands and retailers.

As the consumer has transitioned, the challenges a retailer is faced with have also evolved. Brands and retailers have scrambled to keep up with the customer, luring him in with the use of advanced technology – sometimes customer facing, and at other times, melding into the background to provide a smooth and seamless experience.

One such success story has been Myntra’s Rapid Technology Project. Only two years after it started the Rapid Technology Project, Myntra successfully launched products that had been turned around in less than 35 days, totally masterminded by machines and engineers with absolutely no designing background.

The production process to deliver latest trends to the consumer which used to take 180 days on an average has now been crunched to a time frame of just 30 days thanks to Rapid.

So, What is Rapid?

Myntra’s Rapid Project was set up roughly three years ago with an aim to achieve a simple yet revolutionary goal – to deliver fashion fast. This meant the manufacturing process needed to speed up to meet the consumer demands as quickly as possible, while making sure the end product was in tune with latest design trends, of highquality, and low-cost. And three years later, with the use of AI and high-end graphics processing units (GPUs) teamed with Myntra’s exceptional in-house engineering; this was made possible for brands such as Moda Rapido and Here & Now.

At IFF 2018 held on March 13-14, 2018 at Hotel Renaissance, Powai, top level executives from Myntra and Jabong – Ananth Narayanan, CEO, Myntra & Jabong, Gunjan Soni, Head -Jabong and CMO, Myntra; and Anurag Panganamamula, Senior Director – Rapid – gave presentations on and talked about the importance and role of technology in Fashion & Lifestyle Industry, describing the benefits of Vorta , popularly known as Rapid, at Myntra.

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