New woven fabric SMEs centre comes up in Indonesia


The industry ministry of Indonesia has partnered with the regency of Tanah Datar in West Sumatra to establish a centre for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) dedicated to developing woven textile industry in the region. Strategic programmes to improve competency, research, production and promotion are also expected to be conducted at the centre.

The centre will encourage makers of woven fabrics to create trendy products with better design, motifs and quality for the customers, said Gati Wibawaningsih, director general for SMEs, industry ministry of Indonesia. She added that woven textile seems to be a lucrative business and favoured by many.

Indonesia has 369 woven textile SMEs centres which supervise close to 16,971 business units. The growth of the woven textile industry in different regions is expected to distribute income equitably across the country. This type of textile also contributes to foreign exchange and raked in $2.6 million in 2016. The Netherlands is the main importer of Indonesian woven textiles.

The ministry is trying to improve the performance of Indonesia’s woven textile industry to make them apt for the open market and to protect the local market, said an Indonesian news agency quoting Wibawaningsih.

Production tools such as jacquard manual weaving looms, a woven textile motif card perforator and a winding machine were provided by the ministry for the centre. A woven textile expert has also been assigned for the centre to help weavers improve their skills and their products’ quality.

It also consists of a production house equipped with a dyeing room, rooms for warping and design making and a waste water management installation, which has also been provided by the ministry. The centre will also act as an edutourism attraction, said the Wibawaningsih.

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