Nike clubs physical and digital shopping with ‘House of Innovation’ at NYC


Nike has opened a new cutting edge flagship store in New York City called the Nike House of Innovation 000.

Spanning six floors and 68,000 sq.ft. in area, the House of Innovation 000 at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, offers an immersive shopping experience that combines traditional shopping with the company’s digital app to create a futuristic shopping experience. It incorporates all of Nike’s digital advances and combines them with some new ones to serve all kinds of customers, from the in-and-out shopper to the hardcore sneakerhead.

“This is one of our most bold and confident moments on our journey of innovation,” said Heidi O’Neill, the president of Nike’s direct-to-consumer business.

Shoppers at the store will be able to tap an app to not only try on an outfit, but to buy it as well. By scanning the QR code on a mannequin, customers can get information on the clothing and footwear it’s showcasing, including sizes and colours. Then with another click, they can have the merchandise they’re interested in brought either to a dressing room or directly to them. That frees customers from having to carry clothing while shopping.

Later, if they like what they see in the mirror, shoppers can use the same app to scan their purchases, pay for the items, then head out the door. There are no cash registers in the new store

Also, the innovation store offers customizing services to the consumers. Shoppers will be able to create totally unique products through Nike’s Sneaker Bar where they will have access to Nike’s dip-dyeing, footwear printing, embroidery, footwear patches, lasering as well as a full footwear accessory bar of laces, zippers and tongue tags. There is also a focus on personalization and finding the perfect fit.

This store includes the largest concentration of Nike footwear from around the globe on the fifth floor, a turn-on for the Nike sneaker fans.

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