Planet textiles summit provides a blueprint for denim change


At ITMA 2019, Barcelona the global denim leaders, brands, retailers and alike will gather at the Planet Textiles Summit on sustainability on June 22 to discuss and find the key solutions.

The key point of discussions will be how should the denim manufacturing industry make jeans by 2025? And what breakthroughs in technology and thinking are needed to make this happen?

Moderated by Andrew Olah, the founder of the Kingpins denim exhibition that takes place in New York, Amsterdam and Hong Kong, panelists include: Sanjeev Bahl, CEO and founder, of the Vietnam denim mill Saitex, Alberto Candiani, CEO of Italian jeans maker Candiani Denim Mills, Miguel Sanchez, with 30 years in the denim industry, and owner of Gavilan, along with Mike Kininmonth, denim specialist at cellulosic fiber producer Lenzing, which is supporting this session.

As one of the world’s most popular fabrics, denim has a big impact and it’s become a main point for environmental change in the textile industry as a whole.

The delegates at Planet Textiles will hear about some of the key changes to how jeans are produced along with some of the predicted changes to how denim will be made – and sourced – in future.

A proposal to develop a ‘blueprint’ for real change that buyers’ retailers and brands can use as a sourcing guide will be outlined.

According to Planet Textiles panelists, if the industry really is to clean up its act before 2025 and certainly within the next decade.

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