Protesting garment workers in Myanmar to be rehired


Over 100 garment workers in Myanmar will be soon returning to their factories following the decision taken by the Chinese textile unit to re-employ the 30 sacked workers.

On 20 August, about 30 garment workers of Chinese-owned Fu Yuen Garment Co Ltd. were terminated as the committee of the workers was found campaigning to improve the conditions of workers.

Several other garment workers have since then been on strike demanding the reinstatement of sacked workers.

The strike took an ugly turn on 15 October when the protesting workers were assaulted with iron bars by goons, leaving 25 workers badly injured. The intent was to persuade the garment workers to end the strike and return to work.

Though some arrests were made by the local police, the incident had further intensified the strike.

Reportedly, the owner of the textile factory has signed an agreement with the striking workers to rehire the 30 sacked workers.

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