SAC named ‘accredited host’ of SLCP to improve conditions of garment workers


The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), a prominent association of leading garment, textile and footwear suppliers, has been named as an accredited host of the Social & Labour Convergence Project (SLCP) in an effort to strengthen the textile industry’s objective of improving the conditions of garment workers.

It is important to note that SLCP began in 2016 as a multi-stakeholder effort to improve the welfare of garment workers.

SAC, as an accredited SLCP host, has integrated the converged assessment framework into the Higg Index suite of tools as the foundation of the Higg Facility Social & Labor Module (Higg FSLM).

Coming together under a converged assessment, the companies can move beyond individually-driven programs and can use funds, earlier used for proprietary audits, for the welfare of garment workers and the industry.

All factories can complete a Higg FSLM self-assessment on the platform.

Higg FSLM verification is presently available only in China and Sri Lanka, aligning with SLCP’s efforts and initiatives to roll out its operations gradually; the verification services will slowly expand to other nations in early 2019.

In India, Arvind Ltd., Eastman Clothing, Pratibha Syntex are also associated with SAC.

It is important to note here that SAC is just one of the 3 organisations to be recognised as an SLCP Accredited Host.

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