SWOT analysis of Indian textiles and apparel industry

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The current National Textiles Policy (NTP), framed in 2000, is hopelessly outdated, given three major international developments: the phaseout of the Multi Fibre Agreement (MFA), the emergence of China in global trade particularly in the field of textiles and apparel, and the 2008 global financial crisis. The industry now awaits the new NTP.

The world has changed considerably since 2000.  Automation is in, printing has gone digital and e-commerce has changed the way money is made in the 21st century.

Any NTP that replaces the hopelessly-outdated one of 2000 will not just have to maintain a balancing act among planet, people and profit, it will have to be a jigsaw puzzle that has been solved for good and is future-proof. A policy after all cannot be a mere status report about a sector of the economy; it needs to ascertain the future and chart out a path towards it. It was for this reason, among many others, that the 2000 policy looks not just jaded, but embarrassingly anachronistic.

As the ministry of textiles works overtime to draft the NTP, Subir Ghosh does a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of a few select sectors and aspects of the Indian textiles and apparel industry.

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