Toung Loong Textile unveils new technology in fabric manufacturing


Toung Loong Textile developed from a sewing thread factory into an international textile yarn manufacturing company.

To further spur modernisation in the global textile industry, Toung Loong Textile Manufacturing is writing a new chapter in its 58-year history by unveiling the latest technology in producing fabrics in the coming months.

The innovative textile manufacturer is developing the Shape Control Twist (SCT), a special yarn texturising process that keeps and strengthens the cross-sectional shape of fabrics.

“Unlike the usual texturising process, SCT helps maintain the shape of functional fibres without reducing their intended performance,” says Kevin Yu, vice-president.

“Consumers nowadays are focused more on functional fabric. If the fabric’s fibre shape is changing, the function will be decreased and eventually destroyed.”

A family business founded in 1960, Toung Loong Textile developed from a sewing thread factory into an international textile yarn manufacturing company producing various functional yarns for the sportswear and functional wear industries.

SpringFil is one of the company’s patented techniques that requires no spandex, yet provides stretch, breathability and a natural cotton touch.

Toung Loong Textile’s research and development (R&D) team grinds daily to come up with new lines of product or innovative ideas. It is working on using less water in the dyeing process, and recycling water, to move towards a more sustainable manufacturing approach.

To make headway, the company is open to forging partnerships with other R&D institutions and fibre suppliers.

“The sky’s the limit when it comes to innovation,” says Richard Yu, marketing manager. “We are very open to working with like-minded partners with credibility such as the Taiwan Textile Research Institute.”

Amid the flurry of celebrity clothing endorsements, the Taiwanese manufacturer is keen on educating the market by highlighting the one-of-a-kind benefits of its products.

Adhering to its philosophy of honesty and prudence, Toung Loong Textile believes in putting quality first, with technology leading the way towards manufacturing superior products.

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