Tristate Holdings deploys Centric PLM suite


Tristate Holdings, a unique industrial garment manufacturing firm, has selected Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) suite. From its headquarters in Silicon Valley and offices around the world, Centric Software provides a digital transformation platform for the most prestigious names in fashion, retail, footwear, luxury, outdoor, and consumer goods.

C.P. Company, an established Italian brand that Tristate acquired in 2015, to better fit with the group’s other brands and to expand beyond its local market, needed to undergo a rapid business transformation – one that would also lay the foundations for the future evolution of its business model. Tristate recognised that C.P. Company did not have the right technological support for a transformation of this scale.

Although C.P. was using a legacy PDM solution, its scope was limited to a small subset of design and development activities, and it was only used for single products.

In practice, C.P.’s end users were particularly impressed by Centric PLM’s custom views, single-click import and export features, and mass functionality, which allows them to easily define colours and materials for multiple styles at once, or easily substitute Bill of Material entries for an entire season or collection.

From the point of initial contact with Centric, Tristate’s core PLM project was delivered in just four months, with an implementation calendar defined by C.P.’s upcoming spring/summer 2017 collection.

Working with Centric PLM has also allowed C.P. to improve collaboration with its vendors, exert greater control over its collections, better visualise and analyse product performance, and establish a foundation for earlier, more accurate costing that has measurably improved product profitability.

Eddie Li, Tristate’s corporate IT director said, “As an international, multi-brand, and multi-environment company, we needed to streamline our product development. We wanted to make the most of the expertise that C.P. had and expand even further into Europe and beyond. We quickly realised that we needed to invest in a strong IT foundation if we were going to help C.P. grow to be a global brand.”

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