Twinery unveils new heating technology for apparels


Twinery, an innovation wing of Sri Lanka-based apparel manufacturer MAS Holdings, has rolled out a new heating technology for apparels, PHOENIX. The technology enables the wearer to remain warm and feel light even at extreme temperatures.

According to Twinery, PHOENIX flawlessly integrates into all types of apparels and soft goods, ranging from thin base layers to bulky outdoor jackets; from lifestyle clothing to home furnishings.

The patent-pending technology comes in two forms: PHOENIX Knit and PHOENIX Prints.

According to the company, the consumers don’t have to compromise fashion by integrating on-demand technology into clothing. The technology includes heating panels which are embedded into the fabric. PHOENIX helps the wearer choose from 4 temperature settings (mild, warm, very warm and super snug) the level of heat they want.

Further, the heating panels are connected to the controller which weighs just 120 grams. Panels are thin, lightweight and invisible to the naked eye. The overall structure makes the garment an easy-to-wear. Moreover, despite heating panels and electronic structure, the garment is completely washable as conductive wires are entirely insulated in the garment.

Nathan Sivagananathan, Chief Growth Officer, Twinery, informed, “We are providing solutions for cooling issues by revolutionizing the heating industry with the help of PHOENIX. It will give the wearers the flexibility to create their own personal micro-climate.”

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